About NMT


Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, NanoMediTech is a research and development company developing nanotechnology based biomedical applications. The company is leveraging its proprietary nanotechnologies to develop radically improved medical tools and solutions for the treatment of debilitating diseases and improvement of medical practices.

Nanotechnology is a burgeoning industry with practically limitless applications on our lives and with the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we detect and treat diseases and damage to the human body.

Our team of engineers, physicists and chemists possess significant industry experience in nanomaterials engineering and are focused on three primary projects:

• Targeted Treatment Delivery – Nanoparticles delivering treatments directly to specific cell types, such as cancer cells, as well as monitor vital signs and delivering appropriate medications when required.

• Optical Imaging – Nanotechnology enhanced optical imaging instruments with greatly increase capabilities.

• Nano-enhanced Medical Dressings – Nanomaterials embedded within dressings that can detect infection and automatically treat them by releasing antibiotic agents.